10 Months In

Good morning fellow witches,

Today I wanted to bring you an update of how my journey has been developing so far.

Back in October of last year I had labeled myself as a ‘budding green witch’, now I’m pretty sure that when it comes to labelling oneself I found it to be quite limiting. So since then, as I have learned more I have grown more, so suffice to say that all that appears to be you in the physical world may not actually be you in the spiritual realm.

Not so long ago I found a ‘course’ in witchcraft that asked me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I was stumped. It was like a job interview! Ugh!
So I have decided to list all my weaknesses as strengths and vice versa. Immediately I felt all labels and criticisms fall away. Everything I had been in- grained with in my physical growth as bad was now good in the spiritual being, for example, take stubbornness: that can be a great draw back if you have an inflexible characteristic. However when it comes to spiritual this quality will give you the power to never give up the learning, practicing and embodying of this wonderful journey.

So to all who are still finding your feet as I am, let go of the physical labels and embrace your inner nature!
Love and blessings Gen.

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