5 Easy Steps To Becoming A Green Thumb

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5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Green Thumb Gardener.

Step 1


A few herbs growing

What kind off energy are you putting of? Angry, Sad, Happy, Calm, Upset? All energies affect our plants in the garden and in the home. After all their environment is totally dependent on energy. The energy of the sun, the wind, the rain, the soil, warmth, food. All of these things are vital to a plants optimal growing conditions. So have a think about how you feel before you approach your plants before tending to them. Thank them for their beauty, scent, usefulness and the harmony they can bring to your home and garden. Then tend to them with positivity, joy, fruitfulness and passion.

Step 2


What do you really know about the plants that you have in your home and in your garden? Do you know their names, their likes, their dislikes, how often they need to be feed or watered? All these things hinge on how well they will do in the place you have chosen to put them. Make sure you read up on the plant you want before purchasing it and see if it compares favorably to the area in which you want to place it. If you spend a little time doing this you can narrow down a desired list of plants for just the right fit, and in doing so have a greater chance of not only its survival but off its flourishing.

Step 3

Garden Tools


Do you have the equipment to help you meet the needs of your plants? Larger pots for when they need replanting. The correct potting mix for the particular breed of plant if they are fussy. Fertilizer for when they get hungry to ensure a good crop or flower. Tools to aid you in re-potting them or air-rating them. Something to mix soil and compost with for out door gardens. The list for having the right tools can go on and initially if you are just starting out you can get by with just the old fork and spoon. But once your plants get bigger and you really get into it the proper tools will make the hobby much more enjoyable.

Step 4

Don’t Forget to water the ones outside.


How often do you water, feed, talk to and generally appreciate those plants that sit there all day everyday just waiting for you to notice them? Do you have a routine mapped out for the care of them? Eg: every-time you wash the dishes you could water those plants you have on the window sill. Its important to note on a calendar or in a diary when they need to be feed, watered, re-potted, trimmed, etc. Don’t forget talking to them. Even if you just share your day with them if you live alone. Remember they can bring you as much if not more joy than you choose to give them. 

Step 5

Just How Busy are you.


In all reality do you really have time to look after plants? Would you be better of with plastic ones? Do you think the ones in the garden can just get by with what nature chooses to give them? Did you plant them or buy them with the express purpose of looking after them? If you can answer all of these questions you will learn a bit about yourself and your ability to keep plants happy.

After all that is the end result we all want from our plants, happy healthy thriving, fruitful, beautiful plants, that fill our homes, gardens and lives.

I hope this article has been of some use to you and stay tuned at the end of the year for my first moon gardening calendar down load. 

Also thanks to Logopit Plus for the royalty free photos and some of my own.

Cheers Gen.

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