This is Literally my 3rd Post!

In my two previous posts to you I introduced you to who I am and what I am about. However in this third post I’m going to share with you a little bit of the ENORMOUS learning curve that I’ve been on whilst learning to build a blog.

I know that this is a little of topic compared to my other blogs but I felt it was important to share this part of my journey with you in hopes that something that I have to say may be of help to you.

I first started out using word press. Thank heaven! Even though they make the process pretty straight forward the more I tried to do the more I found that I knew nothing of what I was doing. All I knew was what I wanted to write about.

Here are some of the things I didn’t know and a list of the things I had to research in order to get my blog page looking close to how I want it to look. I haven’t finished with its appearance yet so bear with me if you find something wrong or not working. It would be great if you could let me know.

OK lets get down to business

  1. I didn’t know what the difference was between a page and a blog.
  2. I didn’t know how to use a theme
  3. What a CSS  or RSS is
  4. How to get the right sized pictures in the right spot.
  5. What more than half the terminology meant or what it was used for.
  6. What tags are or how to use them.

Now I could go an about all the things I’m learning, but suffice to say this was just the start and what’s more I still don’t know all of this stuff down pat.

Whew! Then I find out that my blog wont be read by hardly anybody if I don’t have a catchy headline or title. So its got to be full of promises that you then fulfill in the contents of said blog in order to gain credibility.

Whew again!

I’ve been working between my tablet and my laptop at the same time which was also a bad move because I ended up creating no less than 3 yes 3! word press accounts. 2 of which I  have deleted and one I have to wait a month for before I can update my email address on this one. It’s all OK, just part of the learning curve.

The reason this came about is because I had Canva on my tablet with which I would create my header pictures and operating system 7 on my laptop. 

I had also downloaded the word press app on my tablet, just to confuse matters further. 

However I’m glad to say that I’m getting the hang of things around here gradually but surely. I also changed themes half way through after seeing a layout I particularly liked and wanted to try as I didn’t find the first theme I choose to be as suitable for me. 

Now I am probably starting to sound like a total flake to most of you experienced ones out there. But let me tell you, this in no mean feat for a 56 year old self discovering, in training, blogging green witch. 

A lot of stuff I’m still getting to know like how to use tags and what RSS is, but I will say that thank god for google word press and pinterest. There is literally loads of info out there for us newbies, the trick is to narrow down, exactly what you don’t understand make a list and research it and keep notes to refer back to when in doubt. 

So, no pictures today. However in closing I’d like to thank StockSnap for all their beautiful free stock photos all free from copyright restrictions.

That was another thing I had to research early on just to be on the right side of the law. I’m also working on a disclaimer regarding liability, which I suggest that you think about as well.

I thank all my supporters for their continued interest and wish them a happy green witch day 🙂

Cheers Gen.

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