Who am I?

Introduction to me.

Many people have heard of black and white witches, but what is a green witch I hear you ask?

A green witch, by the way I’ve only just discovered that’s what I am, is a witch that prefers to grow and use maily herbs in her garden. She would then use these herbs in and around her home to promote, peace, prosperity, love and happiness.

Well that’s my definition as it relates to me anyway. However having just discovered the beauty of moon gardening it got me thinking about how to get the best out of my garden year round.

Upon doing some research I stumbled across lots of references to the witches lunar harvest timetable and then discovered that I was in fact a budding green witch.

The only problem is that most of the information relating to this kind of passion was centered in the northern hemisphere.

So in the following blogs I hope to provide relevant and pertinant information to us witches down under who also love to garden and practice their witchiness at the same time.

Now as for me I live in the sub tropical area of Queensland. I realise that growing conditions are very different for the south of this country, so I will try to keep you all in mind when I post seasonal hints.

My first aim is to begin by posting a monthly moon garden calender that will correlate information from the moon and garden app, so it will be easy to see at a glace just how each month will shape up in the garden.

If any of you have any ideas or thoughts they would like to share with me please feel free to do so. Only positive and helpful vibes please.

As a p.s. this is my first ever blog and I’m still getting the hang of things around here.😄

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