My Journey Part 1


Hi everyone and welcome to my journey as a self discovering green witch. Since I posted my first page, who am I, I have been on a steep learning curve about what it means to be a full blown green witch. It includes a lot more than I first thought. However not to be deterred … Continue reading My Journey Part 1


Who am I?
Hi, I've recently discovered myself to be a green witch. I enjoy gardening by the moon cycle, herbs and their uses, butterflies, nature and lovely things. I hope you will follow me if want to learn more about moon cycle gardening for witches in the southern hemisphere. Enjoy your day!

10 Months In

Good morning fellow witches, Today I wanted to bring you an update of how my journey has been developing so far. Back in October of last year I had labeled myself as a 'budding green witch', now I'm pretty sure that when it comes to labelling oneself I found it to be quite limiting. So … Continue reading 10 Months In

Moon Phase Calendar

Moon Phase Calendar: Hi everyone the link above is for a really great moon phase calender. It even tells you where in the sky to look at on a cloudy night e.g. west north east or south and all points in between. Sorry I haven't been on for quite a while, moving house … Continue reading Moon Phase Calendar


Ok so my cat morphius died this week he was only two and a half years old but very cuddly and connected with me. So I can't see myself contributing much at the moment. He was an integral part of my journey and my companion along my way of becoming who I am. He brought … Continue reading Personal